Rave Reviews from the 2015 World Premiere of Middlemarch in Spring

This two-act chamber work is such a light-hearted and buoyant creation that it’s hard not to walk away feeling that all’s right with the world.
— San Francisco Chronicle: 'Middlemarch in Spring’ is a sunny romp
Great literature came to opera in March when San Francisco-based Composers, Inc., staged the premiere of Middlemarch in Spring.
— Encyclopedia Britannica: Performing Arts: Year in Review 2015
Composer Allen Shearer and librettist Claudia Stevens deftly mined George Eliot’s novel for a sunny, ingratiating and altogether effective piece of musical theater at Z Space.
— San Francisco Chronicle: 'Middlemarch in Spring': one of the Top 10 Operatic Events of 2015
A fine adaptation of Middlemarch which is also a work of originality and charm. Musically and dramatically this is a moving and enjoyable work which gives a concentrated expression of more of George Eliot’s novel than one might think possible in a brief, two-act opera.
— Delia Da Sousa Correa (Open University, UK), Michael Halliwell, University of Sydney.